House Guest Tips for the Out of Town Visitor

So it’s time to go visit your friend or family member in their home town you haven’t been in a while and everyone thinks it’ll be a great idea to see one another and catch up, maybe throw back some boxed wine, and maybe eat some chips and hummus while watching baseball. But it’s not so easy to just be a guest you have to be a good guest and be respectful of the people you’re staying with. It does not matter if you are a twin brother or best childhood friend, there are things you need to do in order to not become and unwelcome guest. So listen to these easy things you can do to make sure that no one will hate you and want you never to come back.

Rent a Vehicle

The worst thing you can do as a guest is to show up and then not have your own wheels. Even if they say it won’t be a problem to pick you up and shepherd you around know that it’ll be a major inconvenience. It’s just the adult thing to do and you don’t want to be that total pain in the butt. Also it doesn’t make sense not to, because there are plenty of places where you can rent a car for pretty cheap. For example, at a avon rent a car place like they have online at, you can get really cheap weekly rates that’ll make it a total no brainer to get your own wheels when you visit. You may be told by your host not to bother, but trust me, they’ll be psyched you are showing independence.

Offer to Prepare a Meal

Another thing that your host will initially tell you not to bother with would be to put on a nice home cooked meal for them and their family or friends. They may say that you are the guest and you shouldn’t have to do anything for them but if you insist it’ll be very much appreciated and will help you to be seen as a great guest, one who is welcome back any time. It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy like a quartered sesame chicken. It can even be a pasta with a nice fresh vegetable sauce. Something like that will go a long way. It’ll be worth it to you as a guest to do something like that.

Show Independence

The worst thing you can do as a guest is to rely on the hosts for everything. Perhaps they have a normal life that, though you’re welcome to be there, you are of course intruding on. The host will almost certainly say that it’s no trouble at all, but the fact of the matter is you are invading on their life and if you can go get your own lunch or see a museum without your host having to show you how to get there, you’ll be happy and they’ll be happy.