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Ferrari 400 Sergio Pininfarina

A I w doing a bit f further searching n Pininfarina nd th 400 I came ahold f th ntrtng picture.

Whn doing further searching I came ahold f a close matching picture whh revealed lttl more:

(f course via

And following n tht I ndd up n th Fiat 130 website, whh held a nice article bt th 412 vs 130 nd Sergio pictured between th two models: Unfortunately a lo-res article. Luck wll h t I obtained th article via Ebay last week. I wll mk a seperate blog post bt t.

Sergios 412 w/ up fr sale nt tht long ago:
Th responsible Pininfarina designer fr th 400 w Leonardo Fioravanti. Th closest picture I ld find n combination wth th 4-seater Pinin. Typical ts hard t find gd material nd pictures n th designers nd th designs th rtd.

Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 with something unexpected under the bonnet

B now I thght I hd seen t ll. Bt n, heres another engine swap. Th time nt n American V8 bt a German BMW M-powered engine:

A detailed web log of the building of a Ferrari 400 with 456 mechanicals and other pieces.

I t came r th blog wth a very ntrtng project:
Turns out th blog w far less detailed envisioned. I wonder wht happened wth th project nd th cars. I wll add t n n case t th project section t fr th records. On Fchat I found th matching thread, whh stranded well:

More nd more I trt wondering hw many gd 400s r remaining n running condition

Ferrari 412 Wedding car

A wedding n style. Bless thm. If th gets t th attention f th groom, I wll send hm a gift f h gets n contact wth m.

And th shot f th grooms btfl black 1986 Ferrari 412 #Ferrari

Th number plate w l used n a Ferrari 328 according t th site:


A nice scale model comparisson. I wll add th one t th online section.

Intrtng t see th CD nd Ghibli comparisson well