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Ferrari 400 Automatic photo Autosalon Torino 1976

On Ebay someone offered two pictures fr sale bt th Ferrari 400 automatic whh w presented n th Turin Autosalon n 1976. I consider thm unique pictures during m searches I h nt come r many gd pictures f th car n th known car shows.
A such I hd t h thm. And I w nt th nl one. It’s typical,  th unbeloved 400 somehow very lr. Anytime I find something f interest th prices seem t b unusual high. Y mght even recall th owner manual tr  n example (whh I didnt rh):
And nt much later I hd th same thing whn purchasing th 400i press release + picture. Again someone hd t a high bid n t whh I hd t outbid. Same tr n th photos. Th time around t w a different person. I wonder wh t w.
And f course I dd check wth th seller regarding th background f th pictures. Here h response:

Th 400 photos nd th others wr taken b someone (a German), wh apparently visited regularly th European Motor Shows, r t lt Geneva, Frankfurt, Turin nd Paris. H t together Albums f th Shows h visited. B chance I w bl t b th albums a few years ago. A fr m wn collection I dont need r photo, I t th surplus up fr sale.

And here r th photos, n:


Ouch. And another demolished 400 up fr sale n Ebay.

Hooniverse : The Ferrari 412 Daily Driver– The Case For

I t caught th article n m web today. Its n older article whh nt listed n m archive t.
Nt sure wh t pops up now. Its a nice read wth a lot f comments.

Carrozzeria Pininfarina Torino Fotografia n. 943 Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 1972 Part III

Today n Ebay auction ndd fr another Pininfarina press photo bt th first series.

Th time t w n offer n Sweden. And Always I w very gr t obtain. T m surprise I gt outbid. I now wonder wh t w. Lts hope someone bght t fr m a gift. It happened before:

Auto Motor und Sport : Ferrari 365 GT 4,400 GT, 412 Kaufberatung Robuster als man denkt

I t added th German article t th online section