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1982 Ferrari 400i Automatic Project

Boys driving a 400

A m car passed th MOT test I ld pick t up today. And th weekend trt wth grt Sunny weather t. And m airco functioning now well. Ellnt. Perfect timing t d m (test) driving. A I lk t h a goal whn I want t drive t I contacted ArriĂ«n fr a visit. Reason being tht I still hd t deliver th pair f bearrings fr h 8.32 Next I know h nd h kids lk Ferrari very much. Whn I tld hm bt m visit h kids wr apparently jumping up nd down. Th thght nl m md m smile already. M kids dont give a toss bt t. Th thnk ts nt gd looking nd outdated. Th prefer th flashy nw ones. Oh well. On m arrival th oldest w already waiting fr m outside. I w tld h w already up early n th morning. Hwr h w t shy t jump onboard nd ride along. Th youngest though w very kn. Albeit h fell asleep ftr 15 minutes. It w a very nice nd comfy ride n a Friday evening.



Ferrari 400 GT V12 Coffee Table

Its another tr tr:

Damaged Ferrari 400i for sale ouch


Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 midconsole

Someone h bn redoing h midconsole wth metal/alu fnh. Although I prefer th wooden inlay I h t admit th looks grt. Job well done! Grt picture t, looks a bit lk th one used n  m blog header.