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Ferrari 365 GT 4 2+2 Estate / shooting break SwissMini 1:43 scale model

Fr th collectors, th quite a unique piece. Up fr sale n Ebay:


Frankfurt IAA 1973 motorshow Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

And another classic picture

Ebay Ferrari 412 new left front wing body panel

Thght th w n ntrtng item t share I suspect nw body rt mt b quite rare.
A such rtd th blog fr th records.

Kotflügel vo links für FERRARI 412 l.h. front wing ET-Nr 257-18-041-06

The cool cars : Ferrari 412

I t catched th Dutch article. I wll add t t th online section

Another article bt th 400 frm th same website:

Ferrari 400i Automatic T-Shirt

I couldnt believe t whn I first saw t. It w posted b someone n Fchat wh rhd t. A genuine official 400 Automatic T-Shirt issued b Ferrari. One f th mt ignored Ferrari models.

At th time t w nt exactly clear t m whr t w rhd. Bt eventually I found out nd ordered t online via It took a couple f weeks before t arrived bt finally ts here.