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Ferrari 412 Stance

A d before, Im nt going t post a blog bt each 365/400/412 I come r. Fr m spots r ads I wll mk n exception. Ethr th r known ones r simply d contain magnificent shoots.

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Ferrari 412 in Tokyo

DAVID MCKAY RALLY Carburettor V12 Ferraris.

I t catched th l picture n Facebook via
Th 400 r last chance t wn n affordable stylish V12 carb version. Dont miss th boat


Tom Yangs Ferrari Site and Other Things

Another person I recently h bn n contact wth. Check out h website: I wll add hm t th company section n th side bar.
Thr r a few blog updates n h website (ie: regarding th 400 hs mentioning below n h Facebook (

W h two very different cars t th shop, both Ferraris, bt wht a sorest n price. Th car n th left worth $40K nd th one n th rght worth over $2 million. Or shop rate th same t fix thr car, th owner f th 400GT hd t dig deep t keep th passion alive.
We have two very different cars at the shop, both Ferraris, but what a sorest in price. The car on the left is worth $40K and the one on the right is worth over $2 million. Our shop rate is the same to fix either car, so the owner of the 400GT had to dig deep to keep the passion alive.


Back to the future. The Classic Driver Motor Show 1974 Ferrari 365GT4 2+2

A very l article wth even more l pictures: