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Blast from the past adverts : Thoroughbred & Classic cars may 1984

I noticed n m magazine articles wr added. And two pages dd hd 400s n t well. Click n th pictures t enlarge (nd download thm locally) nd see th prices back thn early eighties



Automagazine 1979 Ferrari 400 (Dutch)

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1978 Ferrari 275 GTB / 400 For Sale

I came r th advert:

An ntrtng tr b someone wh hd th dream t build a 275 GTB.
Y n read more bt th project n h website:

I feel sorry fr th guy t seems h gt pretty far wth h project. Hopefully
t wll find a nw owner t fnh t h efforts nd th 400 nt wasted ftr ll.

On a side note, th nt th first 365/400/412 I see tht being dismantled, reused
r wrecked. I wonder hw many thr r still left intact

Update: I see h dd t th 400 rt n Ebay:

Ferrari Mondial versus Ferrari 400/412

I t added th article t th online section:

(HD) SCC: Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 1974 Test Drive in top gear Probefahrt Giro di prova GoPro

3 Days ago I posted th blog:

And yesterday th published a YouTube presentation bt t, n: