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cheap h wife nd thr daughter left th kibbutz

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  • Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 Prototipo for hammer of $275k

    And ts sold fr a whopping € 207.000,-
    I wonder wht th thr blue fellow (400i) wll d.


    Bericht door RM Auctions.

    Hellenic Motor Museum Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

    I saw th posting n FB today nd spotted th black Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 n th background:

    Bericht door Miltos Patronis.

    Of course I dd m further checking nd found th additional pictures via Flickr. Apparently t w already spotted n th past b Paul D. S t fr th records. I mt , th h a very nice collection. Find hereby thr media links:

    RM to sell Swiss Ferrrari collection in London

    Today someone submitted th article wth a grt picture.


    Of course I recognized th blue one, ts th one mentioned n th blog:

    EPS uitlaten / exhaust Ferrari 400

    Yesterday I l catched th tweet frm EPS uitlaten (Dutch exhaust manufacturer).

    A very basic tweet nd I thght t ignore t. I knew hwr m 400 w l equipped wth th brand. It w done b th previous owner. Out f curiosity I visited thr website

    T m grt surprise I noticed th hd pictures f m 400 wth specific comments regarding th tailor md stainless steel exhaust system. Th w carried out n 2005. I d h th bill nd thr supporting drawings. Of course I md a snapshot f th website windows. Look t th ln bottom. Whn I rhd t last year t w equally ln. See supporting pictures below.



    2005 Bottom pictures

    2013 bottom pictures