Best Ways to Sell Your Junker

When you have a junker car parked in your garage or driveway, the main thing on your mind is getting rid of it and making a few dollars at the same time. There are some ways to unload that junker that will add a few bills to your wallet and reclaim the storage space that has previously been unusable.

Sell to a Used Junkyard

Many people are in a hurry to get the junker off their property, and renters may have contract stipulations stating that no unlicensed vehicles can be stored on the rental property. According to Bessler Auto Parts, the quickest way to unload the vehicle is to sell it to a used auto parts store. These stores are frequently located with an auto salvage yard overflowing with junked vehicles. They purchase cars to part out and to recycle for the steel. You may not get a very good price for your vehicle using this option, but you will probably get two or three hundred dollars and have it removed from your property at no charge to you. The amount you receive is dependent on the model and condition of the car. If the interior is in good condition, the seats, console, doors, and other parts can be valuable to the used parts store. You may be able to sell off some of the parts yourself before calling the junk yard and make out a little better financially.

Part Out Your Car

CNA Finance suggests if you have a garage, and the necessary tools, you can part the car out yourself and sell each piece individually. Customers know how expensive new parts are and are happy to find a good deal on a used part. Do some research before pricing the parts and be sure you are selling for a lower price than a customer would pay at a junkyard. This method takes longer to get money out of your junker, but in the long run you will make more money. Some of the easiest parts to remove that will sell quickly include side mirrors, rear-view mirror, steering wheel, tires and wheels, headlights, taillights, seats, radio and cd player, center console, interior lights, and other interior pieces. You can sell all those parts without ever opening the hood.

Sell Your Junker Online

Folks in Cincinnati, OH, are looking at Internet options to sell their old cars. More and more online junkyards are popping up that purchase cars online, but the best customer will still be the private party who will pay more money. Be completely honest in your car description. Deception does not sell well. Take pictures from all angles and be sure you show all visible damage. Sell your car as is to avoid any problems later. List all the cars problems in your ad, such as front passenger window doesnt open, a/c doesnt work, windshield has crack in upper passenger side, and left rear wheel is bent from accident. Be specific and your sale will not come back to haunt you later. Someone wants your junker and is willing to pay a fair price for the remaining value.

There are several ways to unload the junker in your yard. One of these tips is sure to help you sell yours.