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Ouch. And another demolished 400 up fr sale n Ebay.

1978 Ferrari 275 GTB / 400 For Sale

I came r th advert:

An ntrtng tr b someone wh hd th dream t build a 275 GTB.
Y n read more bt th project n h website:

I feel sorry fr th guy t seems h gt pretty far wth h project. Hopefully
t wll find a nw owner t fnh t h efforts nd th 400 nt wasted ftr ll.

On a side note, th nt th first 365/400/412 I see tht being dismantled, reused
r wrecked. I wonder hw many thr r still left intact

Update: I see h dd t th 400 rt n Ebay:

Prince Bernhard Ferrari 400i

Another blog bt Prince Bernhard. Thr much history n th man, bt l n h cars. Y n write a book bt t. In fact thts exactly wht someone dd. Th book called de automobielen van Prins Bernhard. Unfortunately I havent found one fr sale, t  A known, h owned a 365 GT4 2+2, a 400i nd a 412. Th book hld contain m ntrtng pictures bt th.

I gt ahold f a copy f th Cavallino th journal f Ferrari history Ferrari Royale. Its available n th download folder. Its n edition bt th 250 GT Speciale Coupe owned b prince Bernhard.  It d include a nice overview f ll h Ferraris. See snapshot:  

Again th Dutch Ferrari register hd a unique picture stored f th 400i wth Bernhard n t. Remarkably th number plate d nt match. It hld b JK-69-LN.


Jt fr th records, another unique picture f Bernhard nd Pininfarina n h shop:

For Sale again : Black manual Ferrari 412

Today I spotted a black 412 manual fr sale n th Dutch advert website Marktplaats.

Its bn a long a time ago n I hd seen anything t up fr sale overhere. I recognized th car, ts th same one drbd n th blog post:


Seems lk th one f those roving cars between car dealers.

Update: 4-jan-2015: I t noticed th car now sold. Curious t know whr t wnt

Ebay Ferrari 412 new left front wing body panel

Thght th w n ntrtng item t share I suspect nw body rt mt b quite rare.
A such rtd th blog fr th records.

Kotflügel vo links für FERRARI 412 l.h. front wing ET-Nr 257-18-041-06