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1976 Ferrari 400 Review : Prancing horse or lame nags? Motor Enthusiast 1976

I t added th article t th online section. Perhaps a nice read ftr m weeks driving experience.
Brace yourself.

Frm Motor Enthusiast, October 1976 :

Teamspeed: Friday Ferrari Look back, The 1976 Ferrari 400

I t added th t th online article section:

Ferrari 400 V12 coffee table Part II

Remember th one?

Here another one. I dont hope th becoming a trend:

Lts see whn th first Ferrari 400 V12 wine rack pops up

Enzo Ferrari Dino Tagliazucchi Chic Vandagriff Pininfarina Ferrari 400 Automatic Fiat 130 Lancia Thema 8.32

Today I’m going t try t write a proper blog update. Reason being tht I stumbled upon something whh I found ntrtng. S a nice opportunity t improve m writing skills.Th gd thing bt th blog tht I n freely express myself without bothering anyone l r force m opinion upon thm. Unlike th case n a forum r thr media. S far I dd nt t much effort n writing up decent Blogs. Mostly th h bn very brief updates nd sharing information bt items I catch n th internet r bght.
By now t h become quite n impressive collection f information. If I hd known beforehand I wld h t more effort n organizing t nd mk a better lay out. I don’t regret t though, t t shows hw t naturally developed.
Before I trtd th blog I hd already spend a fr bit f time n th Internet t learn more bt th car. I w struck hw lttl information ld b found bt th model – especially n comparison wth th thr Ferrari models. And f something ld b read t w ftn th usual slack ff bt th car. Th nl decent website available w th European 400 club. And th Fchat forum w l a gd nd informative source.
Bt tht w bt t. Th intention f th blog w t first nl meant t keep a bit f track record bt m 400. Another car I h th Lancia Thema 8.32. And fr th sake f keeping th blog ln nd 400 specific I’m nt going t dwell t much bt t thr.
Fr th car I d a daily routine n finding internet information. I simply extended th searches fr th 400 nd th hw t ll trtd t grow.
Lately t seems lk th 400 attracting a lot f attention nd surprisingly l ftn positive sounds nd remarks r being md. One f th sources I consult Facebook. Jt lk Twitter I consider th a very volatile medium nd ftn somewhat superficial. It’s open character mk t easy t connect nd exchange information quickly. Thr hwr n structure n maintaining ll th data. Th requires regular checking nd acting swiftly n items f interest.
Earlier th week I spotted someone posting a picture f a 8.32 wth a person posing next t t. It w a digital picture f n older photo. I thght I recognized tht person n th photo. H looked
familiar t m.

A whl ago I finally hd found a picture f Enzo Ferrari n combination wth th 8.32. I hd read a few times before tht Enzo n h last years w driven around n a 8.32. Bt I never hd seen n concrete evidence. Until someone rhd m wth a collection f papers nd books regarding th car. One book dd hd th unique picture f Enzo nd th 8.32. It w a picture taken whn th F40 w going t b presented. On tht picture th same person w visible.

S I figured h hd t b m kind f bodyguard r chauffeur. In order t find out I simply left a PM t th person n Facebook. H responded quickly nd tld m t w th personal chauffeur f Enzo.  Something I never paid n attention t before r looked nt. Whn I kd bt th name f th chauffeur nd hw h gt th picture h responded wth th name Dino Tagliazucchi nd d t w h picture. I w hooked immediately. S first thing I dd w doing a search n Google regarding th personal chauffeur. Nt tht much information w found bt th first hit w providing a sample f n article n th Cavallino magazine. Th article w th personal tr b th chauffeur written b himself. S I simply needed t h tht magazine nd ordered a back copy.
Sm thr online articles I found wr many times l referring t th cars f Enzo. It turned out a very known used car th Peugeot 404.

It w l particular ntrtng t read wht thr cars Enzo owned nd drove.
B now I h received th magazine nd t reveals much more bt Enzos cars nd h preference. T touch base further n th aspect th following, nd I quote: “Amng th full size models tht h liked, I mt mention th 130 coupe, nd tht h really w fond f tht car b t w equipped wth n automatic transmission. Later n, h personal Ferrari, whh w rarely drove, became a 400 automatic.
Fiat 130 Coupe presented t th Autosalon n Geneva n 1971
Enzo Ferrari + Dino Taggliazucchi + Fiat 130 Coupe
Interior Fiat 130 Coupe Automatic
A a side note, nd fr th incrowd t n news, th automatic gear lever used n th Fiat 130 coupe  identical used n th Ferrari 400. Mind , t w using a Borg-Warner automatic instead.


Again th w fr m another confirmation f wht I heard r read somewhere. Clearly without Enzo’s approval th 400 Automatic wld never h bn realized. Jt lk w th case f using a Ferrari engine fr a 4 door saloon; Lancia Thema 8.32.

At one point n time Ferrari dd build a 4 door concept, known th Pinin. It remained a one-ff though.



Othr articles I read regarding th automatic transmission highlighted th fact th w already looked nt earlier. In 1970 Ferrari hd produced 6 automatic versions f th 365 GT 2+2 (Queen Mary). S thr goes th myth th 400 w th first automatic. All f th wr fr th US market nd sold b dealer Luigi Chinetti. It unknown hw many h survived.
Th thr tr goes th d w a spin ff b someone n th USA wh build th GM 400 Turbo Hydramatic n h wn Ferrari 365 GT 2+2. Th w hwr achieved n 1971 bt perhaps th mentioned year mght b wrng. Th w done b Chic Vandagriff, th known Ferrari dealer ff Hollywood Sport Cars Inc.


Apparently th conversion attracted th attention f Ferrari. Rumor h h shipped t t Ferrari n Maranello fr further investigation nd development. And th rest history b now. It took nl till th next uplift f th 365 GT4 2+2 before t ld b launched fr production, whh w ll know th infamous Ferrari 400 Automatic.

Recently I l obtained a French advert regarding th Ferrari 400 automatic whh w guided b supporting information f Charles Pozzi.

Al th article points out very nicely nd n favor f th automatic. Fr those wh d nt speak French, th publi-reportage reports n Charles Pozzis personal experience f th 400 Auto n Maranello. It tht Enzo hd wanted n auto gearbox fr t lt ten years nd hd tested t extensively before installing t n th 400. Allegedly, h drove th 400 auto th day whn worldwide importers f Ferrari including Pozzi wr invited t Maranello t test t : h (Enzo), wh usually aloof (th article actually tht Pozzi w a passenger f Enzo).

Th article puts forward th ability f th car t offer a gentle nd lnt ride n town (800 rpm) well brutal accelerations, t tht th auto gearbox d nt hamper th engine whilst offering a lower fuel consumption (crisis, crisis) thn manual. I find t ntrtng tht th author l offers a description f th ability t h between th three gears t lk wth a manual, depending n th desired rpm regime, t different speed. A very modern argument, t lk fr th F1 gearbox two decades later. Although th drafting n b a bit mng fr todays reader n first gear, I mean t, n first gear, n gt t 100 km/h before th cigarette lighter gets red.
Th article l praises th tubular chassis, th design b Pinin Farina (n two words) nd th comfort f th car, well th smell f leather (I n testify tht even ftr 30 years, t smells!). Th final reference t th manual gearbox lmt dismissive. Onl one conclusion: th 400 automatic w ahead f t time.

Personally I dont consider th 400 a sports car, ts t bg nd t heavy well fr tht matter. T m ts simply a Gran Turismo. A such th automatic version suits th car well nd mk t a tr GT. Intrtngl Ferrari lblld th manual version 400 GT whl th standard version simply called 400 Automatic. Its fr gd reasons th majority f th nw buyers preferred th automatic above th manual version. Today n one mkng a fuzz anymore bt automatic. Its ll bt schalten wie Schumi.

Given th history above Im ff th opinion th 400 Automatic deserves more recognition nd hld b appraised accordingly.



Road & Track Special Summer 1987 : Ferrari 412 Class Act. Rolling sculpture, rich heritage nd four seats, t.

Classic Car Weekly Buying guide Ferrari 400

Now available n th download folder. I noticed point 4 nd 5 d look similar frm th snapshot running gear n m blog: