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Tweet: Ferrari 412 France

Todays nd tomorrows weather forecast r nt exactly brght overhere. S time t d a bit f internet exercise nd catch up. M guess fr th following Tweet th h th same weather conditions. I noticed th name n th picture. S th r t lk m currently located n France. Tomorrow I wll visit:

Spotted today at Interclassics: Ferrari 400i

Today I spotted th 400i n th Interclassics. It w sold already. It hd a very particular color combo, light green-ish wth a drk green interior.

I dd a qk n th register nd easily found t:

Frm th I w bl t recover th license plate nd learned t w originally delivered n th Netherlands n 1981 nd sold t th 2nd owner t 1996. And now ts onto th 3rd owner.

Ferrari 400i spot in Berlin

And another Dutch spot, albeit n Berlin:

What on earth is this?

Nice spot. Its th well known 412 pickup. Nt sure wh ts transported n a trailer.

Ferrari 400 Blaupunkt Heidelberg Stereo CR Super Arimat

Although I h m radio complete now wth ll documentation I still hd m search options running. S today I gt n Ebay alert. Thr w a complete set fr sale bt someone hd md a gd offer nd th listing ndd:

Th advert dd l contain a nice YouTube clip n th functioning f th radio. Something I hd n mind t mk well. Bt th n longer required, here goes: