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Ferrari 412 posters

On FB someone posted two nice pictures f th Original Ferrari 412 posters. I hd nt become r th before. S I kd hm f h ld forward th Original scans. Th h now bn included n th picture gallery. I hd a qk check online nd saw th n b ordered via th webshop:

Whn I searched a bit further I found th picture. Wth a Dino Engine n front f t! If know f a gd Fiat Dino 2400 without engine (nd transmission) please lt m know!

This Ferrari is a Gran Toupee-ismo

Well, I guess th week th convertible 400 lr somehow. I t h added th article t th online section:

I thnk I recall th one last year t w up fr sale f Im nt mistaken. Th particular one appears t b a Straman conversion. According t th FChat thread:
thr h bn 51 conversions md f th 365/400/412 b Straman.

Pavesi h md 18 conversions. Hw many h bn done b Lorenz & Rankl unknown t m. And recently w discovered t lt one conversion b EBS.

Lazy Sunday Piccies

Wat a stunning picture. A touch f  class! Its Peters 400 carb version located n Sweden.

I w very h t h bn cruising around ftr a 5 month winter brk. Wht a torture. I md a few piccies whn driving around n m favourite dyke.



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Taken frm

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