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Pininfarina : Ferrari 400 + Fiat 130 Coupe + Lancia Gamma Coupe

Today I catched th l picture n FB. A th license plates reveals, th r located n th States.
Clearly a collector wth gd taste.

Th 400 nd 130 r lurking n th back. Fntt color:

Autoweek Big Boys TV aflevering 1 : Ferrari 400

Th w broadcasted last Saturday n Dutch Television. Of course need t g through th commericals first nd th intro f th program:

William Vaccari il tubista Ferrari chassis 365GT4 2+2

Last week I ran nt th photographer website whh held very ntrtng photo’s regarding different brands, including Ferrari.

One f th pictures w bt th chassis building fr th 365 GT4 2+2. Th w done t Vaccari. I hd nt heard f th company before. Yes, I’m still a novice. I quickly checked nd n see th r still around, bt now under th name “Vaccari-Bosi

Thr website d contain a nice history n th company nd hw th became supplier fr Ferrari. Apart frm th I wasn’t bl t find much more n th company r n thr supporting material. S I guess th quite a unique picture:

Th GT4 2+2 chassis w built b Vaccari, nd here fibreglass bulkheads r rivetted t t, before t goes t Pininfarina fr body fitting.

Y wld expect a lttl more interest nd information n th h build a lot f frames fr many Ferrari models.

At th time whn I w bt t b m 400 I hd taken th morning ff fr a inspection t b done b a independent specialist. I kd m manager permission t take th morning ff. Of course h w interested n wht I w up t. S I tld hm I w going t b a car bt first wanted t h t further inspected. S th next logical qtn w bt th car brand. Sn h kd bt t I simply tld hm. Nt sure f tht w a clever thing t mention.
In n case, th inspection took longer expected nd l resulted n finalizing th deal n th afternoon (nt something I hd foreseen). A such I called m manager t inform hm bt th situation I ld gt th afternoon ff well. Whh w nt a problem.  H kindly informed m team well. Nt knowing h briefed thm nd stating th reason well; h bght a Ferrari.

A m rh raised a bit f interest I figured t share b email a lttl information (prewarn thm t w nt red, nt curvy, automatic, disliked model, etc) nd m supporting pictures bt th car. One f th pictures included w a detailed shot frm underneath during th inspection. M manager rld wth th following; “I mght b one f th rare likers. Especially th welding f th chassis a piece f craftsmanship.

Typical techie response. Although Im working n a ICT environment m manager hd a background n mechanical engineering. Bt h w rght.

For Sale : Ferrari 400i Manual

Remember th one:

Th same company (  selling another grt exemplar.

Lts see hw qk th one goes. Price seems fr t m judging n th pictures nd description.

Quartet : Ferrari 400 GTS

I saw th one n Ebay, thght t w a nice item t add fr th blog. And n, I didnt b t.
Typical, I t noticed now ts printed n Dutch.