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Ocean twelve: 1979 Ferrari 400 Automatic

Jt fr th records:

Ferrari 400i Dean Martin Gooding & Company

I w a bit browsing around nd stumbled upon th 400i,8807/1984-Ferrari-400i_photo.aspx

I recognized t due t th color combo nd th enlarged air vent n th bonnet. Its th ex Dean Martin 400. See blog:

Th website l contained a nice historic overview f auction sales regarding th 400i. Perhaps a nice thing t include n m price valuation blog:

Autosport 1977 Road Test Ferrari 400 Automatic Excitement

I t h added th article t th download folder. And a grt quality article m I add. Finally m justified words regarding th automatic version.

Th author l ntrtngl mentions th fact thr a 10% mismatch n th speedometer whn driving 150 mph. Something I mentioned earlier well. Here n see supporting evidence using th GPS:

Update: Hmm, turns out th upload f a HD movie n th blog gets loaded onto YouTube nd decreases th quality a lot. Nt sure fr now hw t improve th.

Antwerp Concours 2014 Should a Ferrari be red?

Find more pictures n th 365/400/412 FB page fr th event  (join now r regret later):

I expect m more pictures wll b published n thr website: http://www.antwerpconcours.b/

Bericht door Antwerp Concours.

Ferrari 400 GT / Course – Stock Video # 603-120-310 Enzo Ferrari movie

Nt sure wht th bt bt I suspect ts taken frm th movie Enzo Ferrari:é-luxury-car-sports-caré-sinous-line-braking


I never h seen th movie, bt whn I checked online I noticed th entire movie posted n YouTube, ts split n 2 rt. And yes, th snapshots above r indeed frm th movie: