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Car July 1977 LJK Setright Drives The Ferrari 250 GT, 275 GTB4, 365 GTB4 Daytona, Dino 246 Spyder & 365 GT4 2+2

I t added th article t th download folder

Autoradio Blaupunkt Heidelberg Stereo CR Super Arimat Alle 13 goed!

If r remember th blog:

Y mght know I w still n th hunt fr th original radio manual. I h finally gt t. It w n offer n Ebay n Germany last week. And today I received t t home. Im very ld wth t Im now complete n ll th documentation. A n see n th pictures ts quite a stack f equipment nd nt exactly a simple radio.


I even h th complete rt nd repair manual wth ll schematics:

I now need t gt m time-period music n a cassette. I h already obtained th MP3 cassette. S I n easily t digital copies n t via YouTube nd play t n th car.

S, I now need t consider wht wld b appropiate music next t m Fausto Papetti tapes. And I thnk I h found something tht fits quite nicely. It w Sinterklaas evening n 1978 ( And I w ll excited bt th presents w wld gt. M dad gt a record nd exactly tht moment gt captured n camera b mom. Y n see m n th left wth a hg smile nd missing m teeth.

Th specific record still n m possession. Th release gt called de hits van nu alle 13 goed! whh w very lr t th time.

A I digged up th record I took th time t play t n m Weltron 2007. Isnt tht a grt space age player? On th YouTube capture Im playing Jean Michel Jarre. Th happens t b another record frm 1978. Im actually quite surprised m mother bght th record back thn (knowing h more nt th BZN genre). And I remember t w being played n th living room t th time well. I lk th particular record very much.

S I guess I h t t both records n cassette watch th space.

Ferrari 400 Carburatori Weber 38 DCOE

Mght come n handy rt supplier. Its th first one I see wh h th rare 38 DCOE n stock.
I wll add thm t th rt section.

Ferrari 400 Auto Italia Assen 2014

Today I h bn t th event Auto Italia t th TT n Assen. B surprise I ndd up wth a packed car nd w wnt wth 4 persons. S th car h bn used t w md fr: 2+2
I thnk th mt h bn a rare sight t see a 400 n th road wth 4 adults. A I gt free tickets I thght t wld b another gd road trip t test th car before going t Italy next week. And f course ts Always nice t see a lot f thr Italian exotics parked together. On ts way w saw quite a few nice cars whh wr heading n th same direction. At one point thr w a complete batch f frl nw Ferraris nd Lamborghinis passing b. A very nice sight nd sound.
On th event itself th 400 attracted more people wth n interest thn I expected. Whn opening up th hood t even became a lttl crowded. Always nice t hear positive sounds bt th car. A lttl later another identical 400 automatic carbs hwd up nd parked t next t mine. It w someone I touchbased upon before bt never met n real life. H car l appearred t b n gd shape wth a very ntrtng light green-ish color. Very nice t see th combo together. Bt I liked th top gear combo l very much.

IHWC 2014 Itally Here We Come Day 2 report


Fr day 2 w hd t stood up early t b n time t th Stelvio t avoid potential traffic nd bikers going t climb up hill. Frm th Hotel ts a very nice road wth grt sceneries. Sn Pietro forgot h passport I w Lucky t drive th road twice:

And th route t th Stelvio w open:


And luckily t wasnt realy busy thr. S th Climbing ld bgn. Th 400 managed very well nd t m suprise each hairpin ld b md n one g well.



Al th automatic handled t particular well. Almt t th top thr w a clever photo business (, shooting pictures f everyone passing b. I ordered th following 2 pictures:


Someone w l bl t mk a snapshot f th Stelvio webcam wth m 400 n t. Cl!

And th thr picture n th top:

Aftr a cofee brk w wnt downhill n th thr side nd drove n t Bologna. Again a very l ride wth llnt views:

Unfortunately somewhere n th Autostrada w gt stuck n a severe traffic jam. It w extremely hot nd th airco ld nt coop wth t.


 Nevertheless w arrived n time n Bologna nd checked n t th Hotel nearby th city centre.