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LJK Setright drives the Ferrari 400i Car August 1984 Appeal against dismissal

Yesterdays blog triggered f a link t another ntrtng article stored n Flickr:

Flickriver: Photoset LJK Setright drives th Ferrari 400i 1984 b Triggers Retro Road Tests!

Th h now bn t n PDF format ts easier t read. And b now l added nt th Download folder (F400_Car_August_1984.pdf). I l used th opportunity t d a bit f householding nd rtd seperated folders fr Magazine Articles, Brochures nd Manuals. H reading.

Ferrari 400 postcard Faszination auf Rädern

Im pretty sure I h seen th card r picture before bt I hd nt blogged bt t. S t fr th records here t . I suspect th mt b a Auto Becker postcard. T bd th 400 n th background.

If h n interest, ts fr sale n Ebay:

And another one:

Ferrari 400, 400i and 412 Forgotten big Ferraris

I t added th article t th online section:


Dutch spot : Gespot in Groningen: Ferrari 412. Een 4-persoons sportwagen met 12-cilinder uit de jaren 80!

I spotted th tweet today:

Ferrari 412 Kuala Lumpur